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  • What Services are Included in Boarding
    We individualize every pack member's care to mimic their home routine as much as possible. This means we will feed your dog's food (provided by you) at the same time, frequency, and amount every day. Your dog will be walked 4 times per day, as well as participate in open room daycare (indoor and outdoor) from 8 am-8 pm. Your dog will have the option to retreat to his private space if they prefer to rest alone. Administration of any specific medications or supplements. Unlimited toys, treats bedding, TLC, and socialization with our experienced staff members. Immediate veterinarian care if the need may ever arise. 24/7 monitoring and care by our round-the-clock staff members.
  • What kind of Dogs do you accept?
    We accept all dogs, regardless of their temperament, size, age, spay/neuter status, or medical requirements. Our facilities and staff are optimized to safely provide individualized care for dogs with unique needs. We honor our pledge to provide a stress-free stay for your fur baby. These needs can include: Aggression (toward dogs) Aggression (toward people) Complex Medical Care (medication administration, dressing changes, etc) Anxiety Fear Dogs that are not spayed/neutered Feel free to contact us to discuss your dogs' unique needs. We will work closely with you to ensure a successful and relaxing experience at Happy Hounds Dog Town.
  • What kind of vaccines and health records does my dog need?
    There are several vaccines and health records that are required to attend daycare or board at Happy Hounds Dog Town. We also require your veterinarian's contact info to be on file, as well as a credit card to be on file with the office.
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